Dan Collins
Dan Collins Creative

Kiwi Summer


Kiwi Cake Pops

Company: Insight Creative
Client: Insight Creative
Role: Team leader, Lead Design

Tools: Illustrator & Photoshop

We were tasked with creating a unique gift that conveys the pleasure Insight Creative takes in working with their clients. A gift so good, it must be shared with others.   

The Kiwi festive season is about summer holidays, and is there anything that says pure summer enjoyment quite like an ice-cream? An ice-cream that would take clients back to those good old summer days when they were young and carefree; when things were simpler and ice-cream could fix a smile, mend friendships and create new ones. The days when there was no work, no bills, no shoes and certainly a lot less stress for our clients.

Working with a leading cake kitchen, we designed two cake pops shaped into ice-creams on a stick, with our take on two classic kiwi flavours - Jelly Top, and Jaffa.