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Below are various freelance logos & identities I was given the opportunity to create & develop.

Logos & Identities

Company: Freelance
Client: Toa Crossfit, NV Training, Sound Well Singers
Role:  Creative Director

Tools: Illustrator & Photoshop


Nicks Complete Fitness

I was approached to develop the new look and feel for the former NV Training, now Nicks Complete Fitness. The brief was to incorporate the previous target or sight motif in with the new branding, as well as provide some new thinking behind the re-brand. Nicks complete fitness is about getting that heart rate going, being active and striving to be a healthier person under the guidance of Nick Vinsen. Reaching the heights of fitness and knowing when to take a break and rest - enjoying all aspects of a healthy lifestyle.


Toa Crossfit

I worked closely with the client to help guide them to their new identity. The client had a clear view & sketched ideas of what they wanted and I came in to help refine their idea and produce something they now confidently use across all aspects of their branding.

Box Fresh

Box Fresh - Toa Crossfit has set up a cafe at the front of their gym called Box Fresh. The client was unsure on the name initially & we went through some naming processes but ultimately they were happy with their first name. They had a strong idea of what they wanted which I challenged by working along side the client one on one and produced a few variations to help bring them on-board.

Sounds Well Singers

I was approached to create a logo for a small Wellington based choir. This choir is unique in it's members as they are all speech therapists who use singing to help those with Aphasia.

“Aphasia is an impairment of language, affecting the production
or comprehension of speech and the ability to read or write.” This concept represents both a music staff & sound waves. The warped staff lines / sound waves represent the damage that was caused to the brain and show that music can help on the road to recovery.